Phantom Brigade Developer Interview What is “Phantom Brigade”? and Game System?

Phantom Brigade

Phantom Brigade Developer Interview asked about huge robots and the game system.

Phantom Brigade ”The brigade never runs away even though it is inferior”.

This is the English version of interview to Phantom Brigade developer.
(この記事は『Phantom Brigade』の開発者へのインタビューの英語版である。日本語版のインタビューをお求めの方はこちらの記事まで)

Phantom Brigade

“Phantom Brigade” is a turn-based tactical RPG. Player will be the last surviving squad of mech pilots. There are robot customization, skills and abilities.
I interviewed with Brace Yourself Games of developer of this game. And I got the information to be released for the first time in the world from them.

They are troops who disobey the occupation forces’ disarmament orders and continue to fight for their homeland under the harsh conditions.

――Phantom Brigade features a huge robot. Please tell me the name of that robots. And does the enemy army also have huge robots?

They’re called Walker Platforms or WAP’s for short. They are built on a universal modular frame, that different manufacturers produce equipment for. They use them in both the public sector for construction and maintenance, as well as in the private sector for military applications. Yes, the enemy forces use combined arms, that include conventional forces such as tanks and Walker Platforms.

――I anticipate that players will fight in tough war situation. Please tell me about the introduction of the story of Phantom Brigade. What purpose does the player fight for?

The brigade’s country is invaded by a neighboring superpower and ultimately capitulates after their capitol city falls. You can see a bit of the opening situation in the trailer, which takes place during the initial days of the invasion. The Phantom Brigade is the last remaining squad that has ignored the order to disarm, and continues to fight in what appears to be an otherwise hopeless situation. They’re part of a special force that was testing prototype walkers when the war broke out. Their ultimate goal is to liberate their homeland from the occupying forces, and retake their capitol.

――Please tell me the name of the hero. Is there a character customization factor?

There’s not a set hero in the game, it’s instead focused on the story of your personal squad of characters. They all start out as recruits and will grow over the course of the campaign based on what happens to them in combat. Yes, customization of your units is a core feature of the game.

Phantom Brigade

――Is Phantom Brigade a mission-based game? And is there some submissions?

The game does not have set missions, instead you are fighting a campaign against the occupation forces. You will have to decide where and when to send the Phantom Brigade to fight, based on the resources you need at the time, and what your tactical priorities are. Do you attempt to rescue a pilot that ejected behind enemy lines? Or do you instead attack a convoy for much needed supplies and repairs? The location and situation from the campaign map will determine what the combat mission entails.

――You announced the customization elements of Robot. Is it weapons customization? Or, can players exchange the arm and leg of the robot with more good parts? Please tell me about details of customization.

We’re still working on the customization, so some of these details may change. You can currently customize all the armor segments, legs, arms, torso, etc, as well as system internals like the reactor and pilot capsule. You can also customize the paint, materials and camo patterns for each individual section of the armor and frame. You acquire new, and better equipment by salvaging disabled enemy frames after combat missions. Harder enemies will have better equipment, and you must balance destroying them quickly, or trying to disable the enemy pilot so you can get better salvage during missions.

Phantom Brigade

――Phantom Brigade’s battle is turn-based. Are there skills, abilities, special weapons etc? Please tell me the characteristics of the battle of Phantom Brigade.

Phantom Brigade is a Tactical RPG, your pilots skills and abilities will progress over the course of the game based on their actions in combat. They will become more proficient at piloting, operating their frame, and using the different categories of weapons. I suppose it depends on what you consider to be a special weapon?
There are some more exotic weapons in the game, that require both hands to hold for example, and require special handling in combat, as opposed to more traditional weapons like shotguns and rifles. The combat is prepared in turns, then plays out in realtime. Your team has a limited ability to see into the future, so you’ll be able to see what the enemy intends to do during the turn. The information isn’t perfect though, and your actions will change the outcome.
If you for example, shoot out the legs of the enemy mech while they are running, it will fall and slide into obstacles instead of completing their intended actions. A skilled player can use this to their advantage during a turn.

――How long is the total playing time for Phantom Brigade?

We don’t have exact numbers for this yet, and will have more information closer to release. The campaign is open ended, so it really depends on how much time you spend focusing solely on the campaign objectives. We should be able to provide an average completion time from playtesters before release.

――Are you planning to release the console version of Phantom Brigade?

We’re hoping to release on consoles after we finish the PC version, we’ll have more specifics on that at a later date.

――Are there any games that you were influenced as creators? Also please tell me about your favorite Japanese game.

There’s so many amazing Japanese games that’s it’s hard to pick a single one! Final Fantasy Tactics, Front Mission 3, Armored Core, and Gundam Breaker are direct inspirations for Phantom Brigade, as well as the
systemic gameplay design of Metal Gear Solid V. These are also some of my favorite Japanese games. If I had to pick one that I most enjoyed recently, it would be Nier Automata.

――Please give a message to Japanese gamers.

Thank you for your time! I hope that Phantom Brigade will live up to your expectations, please let us know what you think of the game, and if we can make any improvements.

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