Devil’s Hunt Developer Interview Asked about Game system and Worldview

Devil's Hunt

Devil’s Hunt Developer Interview Asked about main Game system and Intro of Story

Devil’s Hunt Why and how will Desmond fight?

This is the English version of the interview article to “Devil’s Hunt” development team Layopi Games. If you want to read the Japanese version of the interview article, you can read here.
(こちらは『Devil’s Hunt』の開発チームLayopi Gamesへの英語版インタビュー記事である。日本語版記事を読みたい場合、こちらから読むことができる)

Devil's Hunt

“Devil’s Hunt” is third person action game based on original novel by Paweł Leśniak “Equilibrium”. Desmond gets the devil’s power by contracting with the devil. By doing so, he gradually throws a fight into the battle caused by angels and devils. In this interview, I am talking about the background of developers and studio startup, and about the basic system and the world view of this work.

But both Lucifer and Gabriel have much bigger plans for Desmond than just a random fights. 

――Could you introduce yourself and tell us what is your role in the studio?

My name is Paweł Leśniak and I’m the founder and CEO of the Layopi Games. Before I started the company I was a football player in first Polish league, I wrote 4 fantasy books and also have an exhibition of my drawings shown in Warsaw, Chicago and Vilnius. I perform diferrent roles in the Layopi Games, I’m of course running the studio but also I write the script and because the game is based on my book I can say that I’m in part of Creative Director.

――Why and when did you decide to adapt the novel “Equilibrium” into a game?

First time when it came to my mind it was in the summer in 2014. Gamedev was in my head from very long time, nothing big, more as a hobby but in that time I had already some knowledge about the development (more or less thanks to that we have few very big developers in Poland who share their experience). I’m a person who likes challenges, and because books were doing well, after long conversations and market research, my wife and I have decided to try do it ourselves.

Devil's Hunt

――How did you start up the development studio?

It was harder than we thought I have to say. In February 2016 was the first official start of Layopi Games, it was only 4 people back then. First 1,5 year was the worst, many people come, many go, we couldn’t build a core team and for the new studio who never finished a game before it was very hard to find someone valuable with an experience in big games. Because we wanted to go big from the start, big TPP action/adventure game that was our goal. Like I said, we like challenge. Then after 1,5 year, we build our core team and from that moment, everything changed. Our game start to grow with the team, and right now we are more than 40 people and we know that we can make it. 

――Desmond has the power of the devil. How did he gain power in the first place? Also, how does he get involved in the battle between Demon and Angel?

Desmond make a deal with Lucifer to become his executor and do whatever he want’s him to do, and for that Desmond can go back to earth.  When you are an executor, it’s not like you are a half demon, in our story demons are a full-fledged race that lives in Hell. Desmond’s soul burns with the hell fire, and this fire gives him not only strength but many other abilities. When you come back to earth  as an executor you are an enemy of the angels, and they will try to kill you. But both Lucifer and Gabriel have much bigger plans for Desmond than just a random fights. 

――In Devil’s Hunt Desmond have both human and demonic skills. Can players level these up and acquire new ones?

I can’t tell this right now, we still work on the details, but there will be many features which you can use in combat.

Devil's Hunt

――Desmond’s lover appeared in the trailer. Can you please introduce her and some of other characters that appear in the game?

Yes, her name is Kristen and she is very important to him and to the main story. When I wrote my novel crucial to me was to keep human side of the story, we will meet angels, demons, archangels, princesses of Hell, Gabriel even Lucifer himself, every character in the story was very close to Desmond, in a good or bad way, and each of them is there for a reason and tries to inluence him. Desmond is different person at the end of the book than when we meet him at the beginning, he evolves in that world and that’s what we are trying to present in the game.

――The battle scenes of Devil’s Hunt are impressive and wonderful! Is combo generated by combination of fast attack and heavy attack? Please tell me about the battle system.

The combos in Devil’s Hunt are the combinations of light and heavy attacks. During the progression the player unlocks more combos and more skills – they are based on three different schools. Combos serves as base attacks and skills are powerful magic-like combat activities through which the player can use his demonic (or the other gained through the game) capabilities. As Desmond is a hellish executor, he’s given also the ultimate ability – the demon form. He can transform into full fledged demon and wreck havoc on his opponents, rendering them an easy prey for his still growing powers.

――Can the player choose whether to stand on the demonic side or on the side of the angels? Also does this decision influence difficulty of the game or the abilities you can acquire

This choice is very important, but unfortunately it will not be a player choice, we talked about it for a very long time and we think that that kind of approach will be better for the story.

Devil's Hunt

――Are you planning to release the console version of Devil’s Hunt?

Yes we are planning to release Devil’s Hunt at PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One at the same time.

――You announced that Devil’s Hunt will be released in 2019. Are there plans to do a beta test?

We haven’t decided yet if wanted to do some open beta testing. Sure we want to get as much feedback from the players as possible, but we aim  more for large amount of tests in form of closed beta based on invitations.

――Are there any games that you were influenced as creators? Also, please tell me if you have a favorite Japanese game.

From the start we know where we wanted to go with our game, and how fun to play it should be. We focused on the combat system and working very hard to make it really cool! But yes of course, there are so many great games and we are trying to get as many inspiration as we can. About my favorite Japanese game, my first game I ever played on Play Station was first Devil May Cry and I loved it. I’m with the series until today, can’t wait for the Devil May Cry 5, older Dante is cool but I hope they will bring Vergil back!

――And finally, please give a message to Japanese gamers.

We hope that Devil’s Hunt will be published in Japan – stay tuned for there are lots of your personal demons (and angels) just waiting to be killed. 🙂

Layopi Games, 1C Entertainment

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