Samination Interview with Mr. Sam who creates popular parody animation


Samination Interview with Mr. Sam who creates popular parody animation

Samination Asked about the opportunity he started making animation.

This article is an English version of an interview with Samination operator Mr. Sam. If you want to read Japanese version of the interview, you can read from this link.

Parody animation such as “Dead by Daylight” and “Friday the 13th: the Game” are popular in the You Tube channel “Samination” operated by Mr. Sam. In addition, he has produced original animation for over 15 years.
An animation drawn from the unique point of view of a gamer is made use of his game video streaming experience. In this interview, I asked about the chance of his animation production.


“The most important thing for me is nailing down a good hook or storyline”

――First of all, please introduce yourself to Japanese gamers.

Hello fellow gamers! I’m Sam from Samination and growing up all I did was draw and play video games. So, it’s really amazing that I’ve been able to combine my two passions and also have people enjoy them as well.

――There are two concepts on your You Tube channel: animation and streaming game.
Please tell me why you decided to do these two concepts on one You Tube channel.  Also, please tell us the most difficult things so far.

Animation has been something I’ve wanted to do since I was a child. I’ve been making videos since the early 2000’s. I had modest success on but my YouTube channel didn’t really take off until I made two parodies in 2017 of the games Friday the 13th and Dead By Daylight. Originally, I thought nobody would watch them, but man was I wrong! My first two Friday the 13th animations are about to cross 10 million views making them both my most viewed videos ever!

As for live-streaming on YouTube, I’ve played with it on and off since they first added it. However as of Jan 1st 2018 I made it my goal to stream consistently as a way to interact and talk directly to my subscribers and viewers. That’s one of the hardest things to do as an animator on YouTube. For the most part it has been a success! At first I tried different games, but the one that seemed to stick was Dead By Daylight. I plan to up my stream time starting in 2019 with a few new show ideas.

――You are making great animations. Are you currently working on animation? Also, could you tell me the chance to create animation?

I just released my last Friday the 13th: The Game Parody as the developers have said they aren’t adding any new content, so there really isn’t anything new to spoof. My plans for 2019 are to finish my long running Taco-Man Plays series and start work on Dead By Daylight Parody 5, which I plan to release in February. I’m keeping my eye on the new game Last (coming out this month), but I haven’t decided if I’ll make animations about it yet.

――Does a new killer “Legion” appear on Parody 5 of “Dead by Daylight”? Please tell me a little about the new animation information.

With each new Dead By Daylight animation I always like to include as much of the new stuff as possible and older things that I may have missed. So, The Legion will be present, but I haven’t yet worked out how they will fit in. I plant to start writing the script in January 2019.


――Please tell me 5 best video games in your life. Also, please let me know if there are impressive episodes among them.

5 best video games… That’s a tough one! These aren’t in any particular order:

  1. Xenoblade Chronicles: The original game for Wii/3DS is a masterpiece. It’s what Breath of the Wild should’ve been. The characters, the story, the gameplay is all top notch. I’m not a RPG fan, but this one hooked me with its characters, storyline, and amazing worlds. Sadly, the sequels/prequels aren’t as good.
  2. Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, and The Last Guardian: All made by SIE Japan Studio, I played the first two originally on the PS2 and I absolutely loved the world, the atmosphere, the ambience and gameplay. The Last Guardian is sort of a combination of both and a very underrated game on the PS4 that I plan to stream in 2019.
  3. Resident Evil Series: The original game, remakes and sequels (minus 5 and 6) are great. I love survival horror. I enjoy the idea of having few resources, lots of danger, and are forced to play smart. Nothing has ever compared to these original games.
  4. Haunting Grounds (known in Japan as Demento): Somewhat of a spiritual successor to the Clock Tower games (which I also enjoy), this also very underrated game has amazing graphics, ambience and some really scary, memorable characters. While the story is long and needlessly convoluted it will always be a classic to me.
  5. The Legend of Zelda: I was a bit late to this franchise with my first being Twilight Princess on the Wii. I also enjoyed Skyward Sword. I later went back and played some older gems, such as Link’s Awakening. It took me some time to warm up to Breath of the Wild, as I think it has a great start but loses itself somewhere along the way mostly due to its paper-thin storyline.
  6. BONUS ANSWER: Road Rash: While the ones on the Sega Genesis are good, it’s the first 32-bit one released on the 3DO, PS1 and Sega Saturn that I enjoy the most. This game is very addictive and just plain fun. It boggles my mind that they haven’t been able to replicate this simple formula since.


――Please tell me about your favorite animation. Are there any animations you are addicted to now?

I was raised by The Simpsons. In its early seasons it was probably one of the best written shows on television that just happened to be animated. It was the first cartoon my parents would watch with me! I was also a fan of Ren & Stimpy (parents hated it), and Rocko’s Modern Life. Today, I still enjoy the Simpsons, but also Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman and lots of other 2d adult animated comedies. I’m happy to see the genre still going strong!

――What kind of things do you care when you create animation?

When creating any animation the most important thing for me is nailing down a good hook or storyline. This helps me get very excited and motivated about making the animation. If you aren’t excited, you’re unlikely to finish the project.

――Please tell me the good points of the Japanese game you think.  Also, please tell me if there are any bad points.

I suppose I was also raised on Japanese games as I would ONLY played Nintendo. As an adult I still enjoy Nintendo, but got into PlayStation and all the games by SIE Japan Studio that I love so much. I think Nintendo and Sony are THE best video game makers in the world.

――There are many gamers enjoying your videos in Japan.  Please give me a message for them.

Never in my wildest dreams as a child did I think I would actually be able to make my own animations yet alone share them with the entire world, but this has become a reality thanks to the internet and websites like YouTube. It still amazes me today. I am very grateful to all my viewers and I only hope that you continue to enjoy my work!

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