GTFO Interview with 10 Chambers Collective of Game Developer


GTFO Interview with Game Developer 10 Chambers Collective

GTFO Dungeon exploration FPS developed by Payday developers.

GTFO is an FPS game pursuing real fear and challenge. Four players explore the dungeons and defeat the monsters. The atmosphere is eerie, I also feel like an approach like a horror game. This interview is at the time of E3 in 2018. Originally it was only available in Japanese version, but I got response to requests from gamers and I released the English version.

If you want to read Japanese version interviews, you can read from here.

“GTFO” is a new FPS by staff involved in the development of “Payday”. And hardcore FPS gamers are already paying attention to their elegant atmosphere and stylish shooter style.
Challenge madness with the team.


“But we would never rule out the possibility of there being a console version in the future!”

――With the information I got, GTFO players “scavenger team” invade “The Complex” in search of treasure. Does the matching finish if the players get one treasure? Or will it be a mission based gameplay? Please tell me how the players will explore “The Complex”.

There is are endless sections of The Complex to explore, and you are forced down there by The Warden to carry out different objectives – each expedition is different from the previous in layout, enemies and other conditions. You can choose to just complete the mandatory objective and get out, or you can go on little “side missions” to scavenge things for yourself – things The Warden let you keep.

――Does GTFO have campaign mode?

GTFO doesn’t have a campaign mode in the traditional sense – it’s more of a story that carries through the game’s continuous life as a “service”. So there is a story, but it will be told over time rather than through a set of expeditions that are part of the package when you install the game. I can’t go into more detail than that at
the moment – but we’re quite forward thinking in terms of storytelling (in addition to other aspects of the game) and we believe it’s going to be an amazing experience for those that get into GTFO for the long run!


――The underground space “The Complex” is full of eerie atmosphere. In the world of GTFO, what kind of place is “The Complex”? Any military facilities? Or a chemistry laboratory?

The Complex is an underground building comprised of mining tunnels and hi-tech facilities that has been abandoned and overrun by horrific monsters. What The Complex was used for back when it was still operational is part of the game’s mystery, that you’ll find out as the story unfolds!

――There are so many monsters in “The Complex”. Are monsters based on fantasy world view? Or is it a mutant creature? Please tell me what kind of creatures that monsters are.

Yes, in GTFO you get to fight against (or sneak past) monsters of all shapes and sizes – but whether they’re aliens or mutants or something else is – again – part of the game’s mystery!

――How many types of monsters exist? Also, if monsters have a name please tell me some.

We have a long list of monsters that we want to introduce in the game – even after the game’s release! So far,we have shown you the “Split face” (the monsters with the long tentacles or “tongues” that they use to attack the players), the “Shooter” (which shoots glowing projectiles at the players) and the “Scout” which has long tendrils or “feelers” that it extends into its surroundings to detect intruders so that it can scream and attract other monsters… But again, there will be more monsters than these three…

――Are there boss monsters? Also, if there are bosses in the GTFO, can players get treasure by defeating them?

GTFO is filled with special events such as epic defend scenarios and complex combinations of monsters and environmental conditions that really put players to the test! You might fight against monsters that can only be seen when you shine right at them with your flashlight – but later you are in a part of The Complex where an EMP wave washes over the map every few seconds, and that makes your flashlights flicker and turn off – so now fighting those enemies becomes a completely new and horrifying experience!


――How many kinds of guns are there? And please tell me if there are melee weapons or special equipments.

There are a lot of different weapons in GTFO – from pistols and revolvers to SMGs and burst rifles, DMRs and machine guns – and several variations of each kind. And yes, there are melee weapons! What really makes GTFO interesting, however, is the different tools the players can use to help them navigate the maze-like Complex, detect monsters before they can see them, reveal weak points on monsters, etc. A team’s ability to bring the right tools to an expedition – and use these tools correctly – is going to be crucial!

――Are there weapon customization elements?

Yes, all weapons can be customized and modified to cater to your play style!

There were so many monsters attacking the players on the trailer. If players fight against many monsters, bullets are also important.Are there any supply points and checkpoints in ‘The Complex’?

What’s interesting in GTFO is that there is no reward for killing monsters – they don’t drop ammo or health packs for you – so confronting them only exposes you to a direct attack and wastes your precious ammunition! You’ll want to sneak past the monsters any chance you get – although sometimes combat is inevitable. The players will have explore The Complex to find ammunitions and other resources lying around, which goes well with the concept that the player characters are scavengers!

――Are you planning to release the console version? Also, in that case is the release time the same as the PC version?

10 Chambers is a very small team (only nine people) so we have to focus our efforts, otherwise we will never release anything! Therefore, we’re making the PC version first and foremost. Developing and releasing a console version of this ambitious game simultaneously, being such a small team, is just impossible. But we would never rule out the possibility of there being a console version in the future! If the PC version is successful, it would give us the opportunity to get the game to the console gamers as well!

――Japanese core FPS fans are already looking forward to GTFO. Are you preparing a surprise announcement of GTFO at E3?

We love our Japanese fans! Whenever someone contacts us on social media from Japan, we try to write back in Japanese because one of our team members – Svante – is actually fluent in Japanese! Regarding E3, we have been very secretive about the development of GTFO so far – no one has seen much of the game, let alone played it. At E3 we are going to let journalists try the game hands-on for the first time – and there will be a lot of new gameplay footage released during the show! We’re also doing interviews and will show off the game in different live streams!

――Please give me a message to Japanese gamers.

We love the fact that Japanese gamers are hyped for GTFO! 10 Chambers is a really small company and we truly appreciate all support we can get – so keep spreading our news on social media, retweet our tweets, and talk to your friends to get them hyped for GTFO as well!

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