Departure FPS adventure combining mystery and SF elements scheduled to be released in 2019

Departure People who entered the danger zone never come back.

“Departure” is a publisher by Fat Dog Games, a survival adventure of FPP (first person viewpoint) developed by RG Crew. This work inspired by “Silent Hill” combines mystery and SF elements. It is situated in a dangerous area isolated by the government, no one comes back into that area.


The player becomes the hero of the security guard in the danger zone adopted by the secret agency. It seems that there is a cycle of day and night, to be conceived from published information. Monsters in the danger zones will attack at night, so it seems that there is a need for a tough decision, such as whether to explore at dawn or not.

Players can obtain necessary items and goods by searching. It seems that there are locations other than the vast forest at the start point. Besides weapons, there are drones, and players seem to beat them using knock down monsters. Story line seems to be prepared, but it is unknown what kind of story it will be at the moment.



“Departure” is scheduled to be launched in 2019, and Japanese correspondence has not been announced. The next report is awaited. Please check the store page if you are interested.

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writer: Semapho (Twitter)