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Session Interview with Game Developer crea-ture Studios about Game system and Worldview

Session Let’s make trick “GAME x Street” alchemy!

I have been involved with punk rock, hip hop, and various street cultures since my teens. Sometimes I did stupid things and I did something dangerous. At least, in my home country Japan, gamers are unlikely to be interested in street culture. However, there are strange people inside. They were excited when an open world skateboard called Session was announced. Of course, I am one of them. This interview was done to the development team crea-ture Studios of Session.

However, as this interview was conducted in July 2018, there are changes in the schedule of the release date and so on. Please take note of that point and read it. Let’s make tricks.

This interview is English version. If you want to read the Japanese version, you can read here.

Session is an open world skateboard game. Today, the release for Steam and Xbox One is announced. The development team says he wants to release it on PS4 and other platforms later.
They solicited investment with Kickstarter and Backer was given access to alpha test etc. Currently they are not doing cloud funding. 

――extremely important to us to stay respectful and authentic to what skateboarding is as a culture rather than a sport. 

――Session builds a very realistic skater life on the game. Please tell me the chance to develop Session. 

Making Session especially for me, is a dream come true, I’ve been skating for the past 30years, so making such game is quite an achievement for me as a skater and game developper

――Are there customization elements for skateboard parts? Also, does the customization factor affect the skating such as the height of the Olie? 

There will be two phases in the customization during the Early Access period, the first one will be purely aesthetic. skin tone, faces, genre, clothing, apparel, shoes etc.  The second phase will be more driven toward the experience, especially for the skate customization. board width will impact flip speed, wheel hardness impact slidings (powerslides, grinds and slides) etc.

――For example, are there items in Session such as element, e’s, MMM and other real skate brands? 

At the moment we are focusing more on the experience than adding brand into the game but this is defenitely something we want to include at some point! 


――I feel your spirit of respect for skate culture from you.  Also, I feel the fellowship of skate culture and game culture.  Please tell me what you care about developing Session. 

Yes, this is extremely important to us to stay respectful and authentic to what skateboarding is as a culture rather than a sport. We want to dive deeper into sharing what skateboarding is. something extremely creative and rewarding. We know the game is difficult and there’s a purpose behind it. Skateboarding IS difficult but extremely rewarding and is teaching you a lot of powerful values in my opinion!

――I heard that there is a reality skating spot in Session. If there is no problem please tell me what kind of location the spot is.

Yes, we are putting a lot of effort to replicate real life and iconic spot, for both visual and gameplay/experience wise. Not everyone got the balls or skills to hit the gnarliest spots you see in today’s skate videos so at least, in Session, you will get as close as we can feel of what that could be. it is extremely to keep Session grounded to real life in pretty much every ways 

――Session has a video editor function. Does it take videos by entering the recording button or key?  In Ubisoft’s “The Crew 2”, for example, all actions are recorded in real time and videos a few minutes ago are automatically saved.  How does the player record video in Session?

Right now the core loop of the game is simple. Skate, film and share. so as soon as you will be pleased of a trick you did, it will be really easy to jump in video editing, play with the camera angles, lens etc or even play it back, be the filmer and film your trick exactly as you would do in real life. after that, at a simple click, you’ll be able to
share it with the community. This is extremely important to us that the fun doesnt stop after you stopped skating but that you can enjoy in an easy way, making video parts and clips to share it with your friends.


――Is there a scheduled time for Session release? 

As we speak, we’re talking about potentially Q4 2018 for Early Access and potential Q42019 for the Official release

――Session is an open world game. Can players go to all areas from the beginning? Or will areas unlocked by getting something rewarded? 

At the moment, we’re working on New-York and the hub will be fully accessible depending on your skillset. Eventually we’ll open up new city hubs! We’d love to tackle new location as soon as we can afford it. 

――Will online play be hosted by players and invite friends? Or can many players log in to official server? 

At the moment, we’re only Local multi player. We will most probably add the online feature after the Official release

――Please tell me the latest news of Session. 

E3 brought a lot of good to the project and the development is in great shape! so we can expect great stuff coming up this year! 🙂

――Please give me a message to Japanese gamers. 

Thanks a lot to all of you who support and have an interest into Session! It is time to unite the skate culture and this can be done with Session! 

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writer: Semapho (Twitter)