Session Interview with Game Developer crea-ture Studios

Session Interview with Game Developer crea-ture Studios about Game system and Worldview

Session Let’s make trick “GAME x Street” alchemy!

I have been involved with punk rock, hip hop, and various street cultures since my teens. Sometimes I did stupid things and I did something dangerous. At least, in my home country Japan, gamers are unlikely to be interested in street culture. However, there are strange people inside. They were excited when an open world skateboard called Session was announced. Of course, I am one of them. This interview was done to the development team crea-ture Studios of Session.

However, as this interview was conducted in July 2018, there are changes in the schedule of the release date and so on. Please take note of that point and read it. Let’s make tricks.

This interview is English version. If you want to read the Japanese version, you can read here.

Session is an open world skateboard game. Today, the release for Steam and Xbox One is announced. The development team says he wants to release it on PS4 and other platforms later.
They solicited investment with Kickstarter and Backer was given access to alpha test etc. Currently they are not doing cloud funding. 

――extremely important to us to stay respectful and authentic to what skateboarding is as a culture rather than a sport. 

――Session builds a very realistic skater life on the game. Please tell me the chance to develop Session. 

Making Session especially for me, is a dream come true, I’ve been skating for the past 30years, so making such game is quite an achievement for me as a skater and game developper

――Are there customization elements for skateboard parts? Also, does the customization factor affect the skating such as the height of the Olie? 

There will be two phases in the customization during the Early Access period, the first one will be purely aesthetic. skin tone, faces, genre, clothing, apparel, shoes etc.  The second phase will be more driven toward the experience, especially for the skate customization. board width will impact flip speed, wheel hardness impact slidings (powerslides, grinds and slides) etc.

――For example, are there items in Session such as element, e’s, MMM and other real skate brands? 

At the moment we are focusing more on the experience than adding brand into the game but this is defenitely something we want to include at some point! 


――I feel your spirit of respect for skate culture from you.  Also, I feel the fellowship of skate culture and game culture.  Please tell me what you care about developing Session. 

Yes, this is extremely important to us to stay respectful and authentic to what skateboarding is as a culture rather than a sport. We want to dive deeper into sharing what skateboarding is. something extremely creative and rewarding. We know the game is difficult and there’s a purpose behind it. Skateboarding IS difficult but extremely rewarding and is teaching you a lot of powerful values in my opinion!

――I heard that there is a reality skating spot in Session. If there is no problem please tell me what kind of location the spot is.

Yes, we are putting a lot of effort to replicate real life and iconic spot, for both visual and gameplay/experience wise. Not everyone got the balls or skills to hit the gnarliest spots you see in today’s skate videos so at least, in Session, you will get as close as we can feel of what that could be. it is extremely to keep Session grounded to real life in pretty much every ways 

――Session has a video editor function. Does it take videos by entering the recording button or key?  In Ubisoft’s “The Crew 2”, for example, all actions are recorded in real time and videos a few minutes ago are automatically saved.  How does the player record video in Session?

Right now the core loop of the game is simple. Skate, film and share. so as soon as you will be pleased of a trick you did, it will be really easy to jump in video editing, play with the camera angles, lens etc or even play it back, be the filmer and film your trick exactly as you would do in real life. after that, at a simple click, you’ll be able to
share it with the community. This is extremely important to us that the fun doesnt stop after you stopped skating but that you can enjoy in an easy way, making video parts and clips to share it with your friends.


――Is there a scheduled time for Session release? 

As we speak, we’re talking about potentially Q4 2018 for Early Access and potential Q42019 for the Official release

――Session is an open world game. Can players go to all areas from the beginning? Or will areas unlocked by getting something rewarded? 

At the moment, we’re working on New-York and the hub will be fully accessible depending on your skillset. Eventually we’ll open up new city hubs! We’d love to tackle new location as soon as we can afford it. 

――Will online play be hosted by players and invite friends? Or can many players log in to official server? 

At the moment, we’re only Local multi player. We will most probably add the online feature after the Official release

――Please tell me the latest news of Session. 

E3 brought a lot of good to the project and the development is in great shape! so we can expect great stuff coming up this year! 🙂

――Please give me a message to Japanese gamers. 

Thanks a lot to all of you who support and have an interest into Session! It is time to unite the skate culture and this can be done with Session! 

Official website


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writer: Semapho (Twitter)

Eastshade 開発者インタビュー 旅の画家となり島民と交流し、謎を解いていく

Eastshade 開発者インタビュー オープンワールドを舞台に、旅の画家となり、謎を解き明かすアドベンチャー

Eastshade 美しい島の謎を解く、オープンワールドアドベンチャー


 今回、開発チームのEastshade Studiosにインタビューを行った。開発のきっかけ、世界観、ゲームシステムなど『Eastshade』のユニークなゲーム内容が紹介されている。























私の好きなゲームシリーズは『エルダーススクロールズ』ですね。雰囲気、ペース、様々な状況に合わせた相互作用などは影響を受けたといえるでしょう。もちろん、我々コアメカニックスは『エルダースクロールズ』とは関係ありません。我々の作品には暴力はありませんので。日本のゲームでは、『ファイナルファンタジー9』や『ゼルダの伝説 時のオカリナ』が好きですね。




ライター/Semapho Twitterはこちら

GTFO Interview with 10 Chambers Collective of Game Developer

GTFO Interview with Game Developer 10 Chambers Collective

GTFO Dungeon exploration FPS developed by Payday developers.

GTFO is an FPS game pursuing real fear and challenge. Four players explore the dungeons and defeat the monsters. The atmosphere is eerie, I also feel like an approach like a horror game. This interview is at the time of E3 in 2018. Originally it was only available in Japanese version, but I got response to requests from gamers and I released the English version.

If you want to read Japanese version interviews, you can read from here.

“GTFO” is a new FPS by staff involved in the development of “Payday”. And hardcore FPS gamers are already paying attention to their elegant atmosphere and stylish shooter style.
Challenge madness with the team.


“But we would never rule out the possibility of there being a console version in the future!”

――With the information I got, GTFO players “scavenger team” invade “The Complex” in search of treasure. Does the matching finish if the players get one treasure? Or will it be a mission based gameplay? Please tell me how the players will explore “The Complex”.

There is are endless sections of The Complex to explore, and you are forced down there by The Warden to carry out different objectives – each expedition is different from the previous in layout, enemies and other conditions. You can choose to just complete the mandatory objective and get out, or you can go on little “side missions” to scavenge things for yourself – things The Warden let you keep.

――Does GTFO have campaign mode?

GTFO doesn’t have a campaign mode in the traditional sense – it’s more of a story that carries through the game’s continuous life as a “service”. So there is a story, but it will be told over time rather than through a set of expeditions that are part of the package when you install the game. I can’t go into more detail than that at
the moment – but we’re quite forward thinking in terms of storytelling (in addition to other aspects of the game) and we believe it’s going to be an amazing experience for those that get into GTFO for the long run!


――The underground space “The Complex” is full of eerie atmosphere. In the world of GTFO, what kind of place is “The Complex”? Any military facilities? Or a chemistry laboratory?

The Complex is an underground building comprised of mining tunnels and hi-tech facilities that has been abandoned and overrun by horrific monsters. What The Complex was used for back when it was still operational is part of the game’s mystery, that you’ll find out as the story unfolds!

――There are so many monsters in “The Complex”. Are monsters based on fantasy world view? Or is it a mutant creature? Please tell me what kind of creatures that monsters are.

Yes, in GTFO you get to fight against (or sneak past) monsters of all shapes and sizes – but whether they’re aliens or mutants or something else is – again – part of the game’s mystery!

――How many types of monsters exist? Also, if monsters have a name please tell me some.

We have a long list of monsters that we want to introduce in the game – even after the game’s release! So far,we have shown you the “Split face” (the monsters with the long tentacles or “tongues” that they use to attack the players), the “Shooter” (which shoots glowing projectiles at the players) and the “Scout” which has long tendrils or “feelers” that it extends into its surroundings to detect intruders so that it can scream and attract other monsters… But again, there will be more monsters than these three…

――Are there boss monsters? Also, if there are bosses in the GTFO, can players get treasure by defeating them?

GTFO is filled with special events such as epic defend scenarios and complex combinations of monsters and environmental conditions that really put players to the test! You might fight against monsters that can only be seen when you shine right at them with your flashlight – but later you are in a part of The Complex where an EMP wave washes over the map every few seconds, and that makes your flashlights flicker and turn off – so now fighting those enemies becomes a completely new and horrifying experience!


――How many kinds of guns are there? And please tell me if there are melee weapons or special equipments.

There are a lot of different weapons in GTFO – from pistols and revolvers to SMGs and burst rifles, DMRs and machine guns – and several variations of each kind. And yes, there are melee weapons! What really makes GTFO interesting, however, is the different tools the players can use to help them navigate the maze-like Complex, detect monsters before they can see them, reveal weak points on monsters, etc. A team’s ability to bring the right tools to an expedition – and use these tools correctly – is going to be crucial!

――Are there weapon customization elements?

Yes, all weapons can be customized and modified to cater to your play style!

There were so many monsters attacking the players on the trailer. If players fight against many monsters, bullets are also important.Are there any supply points and checkpoints in ‘The Complex’?

What’s interesting in GTFO is that there is no reward for killing monsters – they don’t drop ammo or health packs for you – so confronting them only exposes you to a direct attack and wastes your precious ammunition! You’ll want to sneak past the monsters any chance you get – although sometimes combat is inevitable. The players will have explore The Complex to find ammunitions and other resources lying around, which goes well with the concept that the player characters are scavengers!

――Are you planning to release the console version? Also, in that case is the release time the same as the PC version?

10 Chambers is a very small team (only nine people) so we have to focus our efforts, otherwise we will never release anything! Therefore, we’re making the PC version first and foremost. Developing and releasing a console version of this ambitious game simultaneously, being such a small team, is just impossible. But we would never rule out the possibility of there being a console version in the future! If the PC version is successful, it would give us the opportunity to get the game to the console gamers as well!

――Japanese core FPS fans are already looking forward to GTFO. Are you preparing a surprise announcement of GTFO at E3?

We love our Japanese fans! Whenever someone contacts us on social media from Japan, we try to write back in Japanese because one of our team members – Svante – is actually fluent in Japanese! Regarding E3, we have been very secretive about the development of GTFO so far – no one has seen much of the game, let alone played it. At E3 we are going to let journalists try the game hands-on for the first time – and there will be a lot of new gameplay footage released during the show! We’re also doing interviews and will show off the game in different live streams!

――Please give me a message to Japanese gamers.

We love the fact that Japanese gamers are hyped for GTFO! 10 Chambers is a really small company and we truly appreciate all support we can get – so keep spreading our news on social media, retweet our tweets, and talk to your friends to get them hyped for GTFO as well!

10 Chambers Collective

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Writer: Semapho


Samination Interview with Mr. Sam who creates popular parody animation

Samination Interview with Mr. Sam who creates popular parody animation

Samination Asked about the opportunity he started making animation.

This article is an English version of an interview with Samination operator Mr. Sam. If you want to read Japanese version of the interview, you can read from this link.

Parody animation such as “Dead by Daylight” and “Friday the 13th: the Game” are popular in the You Tube channel “Samination” operated by Mr. Sam. In addition, he has produced original animation for over 15 years.
An animation drawn from the unique point of view of a gamer is made use of his game video streaming experience. In this interview, I asked about the chance of his animation production.


“The most important thing for me is nailing down a good hook or storyline”

――First of all, please introduce yourself to Japanese gamers.

Hello fellow gamers! I’m Sam from Samination and growing up all I did was draw and play video games. So, it’s really amazing that I’ve been able to combine my two passions and also have people enjoy them as well.

――There are two concepts on your You Tube channel: animation and streaming game.
Please tell me why you decided to do these two concepts on one You Tube channel.  Also, please tell us the most difficult things so far.

Animation has been something I’ve wanted to do since I was a child. I’ve been making videos since the early 2000’s. I had modest success on but my YouTube channel didn’t really take off until I made two parodies in 2017 of the games Friday the 13th and Dead By Daylight. Originally, I thought nobody would watch them, but man was I wrong! My first two Friday the 13th animations are about to cross 10 million views making them both my most viewed videos ever!

As for live-streaming on YouTube, I’ve played with it on and off since they first added it. However as of Jan 1st 2018 I made it my goal to stream consistently as a way to interact and talk directly to my subscribers and viewers. That’s one of the hardest things to do as an animator on YouTube. For the most part it has been a success! At first I tried different games, but the one that seemed to stick was Dead By Daylight. I plan to up my stream time starting in 2019 with a few new show ideas.

――You are making great animations. Are you currently working on animation? Also, could you tell me the chance to create animation?

I just released my last Friday the 13th: The Game Parody as the developers have said they aren’t adding any new content, so there really isn’t anything new to spoof. My plans for 2019 are to finish my long running Taco-Man Plays series and start work on Dead By Daylight Parody 5, which I plan to release in February. I’m keeping my eye on the new game Last (coming out this month), but I haven’t decided if I’ll make animations about it yet.

――Does a new killer “Legion” appear on Parody 5 of “Dead by Daylight”? Please tell me a little about the new animation information.

With each new Dead By Daylight animation I always like to include as much of the new stuff as possible and older things that I may have missed. So, The Legion will be present, but I haven’t yet worked out how they will fit in. I plant to start writing the script in January 2019.


――Please tell me 5 best video games in your life. Also, please let me know if there are impressive episodes among them.

5 best video games… That’s a tough one! These aren’t in any particular order:

  1. Xenoblade Chronicles: The original game for Wii/3DS is a masterpiece. It’s what Breath of the Wild should’ve been. The characters, the story, the gameplay is all top notch. I’m not a RPG fan, but this one hooked me with its characters, storyline, and amazing worlds. Sadly, the sequels/prequels aren’t as good.
  2. Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, and The Last Guardian: All made by SIE Japan Studio, I played the first two originally on the PS2 and I absolutely loved the world, the atmosphere, the ambience and gameplay. The Last Guardian is sort of a combination of both and a very underrated game on the PS4 that I plan to stream in 2019.
  3. Resident Evil Series: The original game, remakes and sequels (minus 5 and 6) are great. I love survival horror. I enjoy the idea of having few resources, lots of danger, and are forced to play smart. Nothing has ever compared to these original games.
  4. Haunting Grounds (known in Japan as Demento): Somewhat of a spiritual successor to the Clock Tower games (which I also enjoy), this also very underrated game has amazing graphics, ambience and some really scary, memorable characters. While the story is long and needlessly convoluted it will always be a classic to me.
  5. The Legend of Zelda: I was a bit late to this franchise with my first being Twilight Princess on the Wii. I also enjoyed Skyward Sword. I later went back and played some older gems, such as Link’s Awakening. It took me some time to warm up to Breath of the Wild, as I think it has a great start but loses itself somewhere along the way mostly due to its paper-thin storyline.
  6. BONUS ANSWER: Road Rash: While the ones on the Sega Genesis are good, it’s the first 32-bit one released on the 3DO, PS1 and Sega Saturn that I enjoy the most. This game is very addictive and just plain fun. It boggles my mind that they haven’t been able to replicate this simple formula since.


――Please tell me about your favorite animation. Are there any animations you are addicted to now?

I was raised by The Simpsons. In its early seasons it was probably one of the best written shows on television that just happened to be animated. It was the first cartoon my parents would watch with me! I was also a fan of Ren & Stimpy (parents hated it), and Rocko’s Modern Life. Today, I still enjoy the Simpsons, but also Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman and lots of other 2d adult animated comedies. I’m happy to see the genre still going strong!

――What kind of things do you care when you create animation?

When creating any animation the most important thing for me is nailing down a good hook or storyline. This helps me get very excited and motivated about making the animation. If you aren’t excited, you’re unlikely to finish the project.

――Please tell me the good points of the Japanese game you think.  Also, please tell me if there are any bad points.

I suppose I was also raised on Japanese games as I would ONLY played Nintendo. As an adult I still enjoy Nintendo, but got into PlayStation and all the games by SIE Japan Studio that I love so much. I think Nintendo and Sony are THE best video game makers in the world.

――There are many gamers enjoying your videos in Japan.  Please give me a message for them.

Never in my wildest dreams as a child did I think I would actually be able to make my own animations yet alone share them with the entire world, but this has become a reality thanks to the internet and websites like YouTube. It still amazes me today. I am very grateful to all my viewers and I only hope that you continue to enjoy my work!

Samination Official Website
You Tube Channel


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Writer: Semapho

Samination パロディアニメーションとゲーム動画配信が人気のSam氏へインタビュー

Samination パロディアニメーションの制作とゲーム動画配信を行う人物へのインタビュー

Samination アニメーション制作のこだわりと原点に迫る。

非対称PvP『Dead by Daylight』や、『Friday the 13th: The Game』は日本国内でも人気のゲームタイトルであり、オリジナルのイラストなどを制作する日本人ゲーマーをしばしばお見掛けすることがある。特に『Dead by Daylight』はキャラクターの個性の強さが人気で、新しいキャラクターが登場するたびに盛り上がりを増しているようにも感じる。今回、Samination、という『Dead by Daylight』をはじめ、様々なパロディアニメーションを制作するSam氏へのインタビューを行った。日本でもSam氏の動画を再生した人は多いのではないだろうか。本稿では、アニメーション制作のきっかけや最新作の情報についても伺うことができた。





――あなたのYou Tubeチャンネルは2つのコンセプトがありますね。アニメーションとゲームのストリーミングです。あなたがこの2つのコンセプトを1つのYou Tubeチャンネルで表現しようと思った理由を教えてください。また、大変だったことなどありますか。

アニメーションは子どもの頃からやりたいと思っていたことでした。そして、2000年代初期から制作をしてきました。Newgrounds.comでわずかながら成功しましたが、You Tubeチャンネルは『Friday the 13th: the Game』や『Dead by Daylight』のパロディアニメーションを制作するまで、なかなか上手くいきませんでした。元々、誰も観ないだろうな、と思っていたのですが、それが違いましたね!私が制作した最初の『Friday the 13th: the Game』のアニメーション2本は再生回数1000万回を超えようとしています!

You Tubeにおけるストリーミングについては、動画を追加しても、最初の頃はオンとオフを繰り返していましたね。しかし、2018年の元日にチャンネル登録者や視聴者の人たちと直接会話して交流することを目標に一貫して行うようになりました。これは、You Tubeでアニメーターをしている者としては一番難しい点ですね。大部分は成功していると言えるでしょう。当初は別のタイトルもプレイしていたのですが、魅力的なのは『Dead by Daylight』でした。2019年から配信について新しいアイディアを取り入れていく予定ですよ。


『Friday the 13th: the Game』の開発者が新たなコンテンツを追加しないと発言したことについてのパロディ動画を先日公開したばかりですね。そのため、新しいものは全くありません。計画では、2019年には長く制作していた、『Taco-Man Plays』シリーズを終わらせる予定です。また2月公開予定の『Dead by Daylight Parody 5』の制作を始めます。私は新作ゲームの『Last』に注目していますが、そのアニメーションを制作するかどうかはまだ決めていません。

――『Dead by Daylight』の新しいキラー「リージョン」はパロディ第5弾には登場しますか。新しいアニメーションの情報を少し教えてください。

新しい『Dead by Daylight』のアニメーションでは常に、新しいものと、従来のコンテンツを合わせて登場させたいと思っています。そのため、「リージョン」は登場するでしょう。しかし、彼らがどのように適合するかはまだ試していませんね。2019年の1月からスクリプトを書いていきます。

Samination Dead by Daylight



『ゼノブレイド』: Wiiと3DSで発売されたマスターピースですね。『ゼルダの伝説 ブレス オブ ザ ワイルド』がそうであるように。キャラクター、ストーリー、ゲームプレイの全てが最高の切り口ですね。私はRPGのファンではありませんが、キャラクターもストーリーラインやその世界に魅了されてしまいました。残念ながら、続編/外伝は良くなかったですね。

『ワンダと巨像』、『ICO』、『人喰いの大鷲 トリコ』:全てSIE Japan Studioによる作品で、私は『ワンダと巨像』、『ICO』についてはPS3でプレイしました。私はその世界観や雰囲気、ゲームプレイに魅了されました。『人喰いの大鷲トリコ』はPS4で発売されましたが、あまりに過小評価されている印象ですね。私は2019年ストリーミング予定ですよ。

『バイオハザード』シリーズ: オリジナル、リメイク、そして続編(5と6を除く)が素晴らしいですね。私はサバイバルホラー作品が好きなのですが、資源が少なく、危険が多い中で考えながらプレイするのが楽しいです。これまでにはなかった、オリジナルなゲームですよ。

『Demento』: 『クロックタワー』のスピリチュアルな後継作品ですね。このゲームは非常に過小評価されていますが、素晴らしいグラフィック、雰囲気が本当に怖いですね。ストーリーは長く、私にとってクラシックな作品です。

『ゼルダの伝説』シリーズ: 私はこのフランチャイズに関しては後追いで、Wiiの「トワイライトプリンセス」で初めてプレイしました。「スカイウォードソード」も面白かったですね。それから、過去作をプレイするようになり「夢をみる島」まで遊びました。「ブレス オブ ザ ワイルド」は私には温まるまでに時間を要しましたね。スタート時点では素晴らしかったのですが、ストーリーラインの物足りなさがありますね。

『Road Rash』: これはおまけですが、メガドライブの良いゲームです。最初は3DO、初代PS、セガサターンでリリースされましたが、そのほとんどをプレイしました。このゲームには中毒性があり、ひたすら楽しめましたね。それ以来、この単純な公式を再現できなかったということが私の心を揺さぶります。


私は『シンプソンズ』を観て育ちました。初期の作品はテレビアニメ化された中でも最高だと思いますね。両親と初めて一緒に観たアニメですね。私のお気に入りは、Ren & Stimpy(両親は嫌っていましたが)と、Rocko’s Modern Lifeですね。今も『シンプソンズ』が好きですが、『リック・アンド・モーティ』や『ボージャック・ホースマン』などの大人向けの2Dコメディアニメーションもお気に入りです。こういったジャンルがまだまだ盛り上がっているのは嬉しいです。




私は任天堂のタイトルだけを遊んで育ってきたと思います。大人になっても任天堂タイトルを楽しんでいますが、SIE Japan Studioのプレイステーションタイトルをプレイして大好きになりましたね。任天堂とSONYは世界最高のゲームメーカーだと思います。


子どもの頃には夢にも思いませんでしたが、インターネットやYou Tubeのようなサービスのおかげで、私自身が作ったアニメーションが世界中でシェアしてもらえるようになりました。いまだに信じられないことです。私は全ての視聴者に感謝していますし、今後も私の作品を楽しんでもらえると嬉しいです。

Sam/Samination Official Official Website

Samination You Tubeチャンネル


ライター/Semapho Twitterはこちら




Devil’s Hunt Developer Interview Asked about Game system and Worldview

Devil’s Hunt Developer Interview Asked about main Game system and Intro of Story

Devil’s Hunt Why and how will Desmond fight?

This is the English version of the interview article to “Devil’s Hunt” development team Layopi Games. If you want to read the Japanese version of the interview article, you can read here.
(こちらは『Devil’s Hunt』の開発チームLayopi Gamesへの英語版インタビュー記事である。日本語版記事を読みたい場合、こちらから読むことができる)

Devil's Hunt

“Devil’s Hunt” is third person action game based on original novel by Paweł Leśniak “Equilibrium”. Desmond gets the devil’s power by contracting with the devil. By doing so, he gradually throws a fight into the battle caused by angels and devils. In this interview, I am talking about the background of developers and studio startup, and about the basic system and the world view of this work.

But both Lucifer and Gabriel have much bigger plans for Desmond than just a random fights. 

――Could you introduce yourself and tell us what is your role in the studio?

My name is Paweł Leśniak and I’m the founder and CEO of the Layopi Games. Before I started the company I was a football player in first Polish league, I wrote 4 fantasy books and also have an exhibition of my drawings shown in Warsaw, Chicago and Vilnius. I perform diferrent roles in the Layopi Games, I’m of course running the studio but also I write the script and because the game is based on my book I can say that I’m in part of Creative Director.

――Why and when did you decide to adapt the novel “Equilibrium” into a game?

First time when it came to my mind it was in the summer in 2014. Gamedev was in my head from very long time, nothing big, more as a hobby but in that time I had already some knowledge about the development (more or less thanks to that we have few very big developers in Poland who share their experience). I’m a person who likes challenges, and because books were doing well, after long conversations and market research, my wife and I have decided to try do it ourselves.

Devil's Hunt

――How did you start up the development studio?

It was harder than we thought I have to say. In February 2016 was the first official start of Layopi Games, it was only 4 people back then. First 1,5 year was the worst, many people come, many go, we couldn’t build a core team and for the new studio who never finished a game before it was very hard to find someone valuable with an experience in big games. Because we wanted to go big from the start, big TPP action/adventure game that was our goal. Like I said, we like challenge. Then after 1,5 year, we build our core team and from that moment, everything changed. Our game start to grow with the team, and right now we are more than 40 people and we know that we can make it. 

――Desmond has the power of the devil. How did he gain power in the first place? Also, how does he get involved in the battle between Demon and Angel?

Desmond make a deal with Lucifer to become his executor and do whatever he want’s him to do, and for that Desmond can go back to earth.  When you are an executor, it’s not like you are a half demon, in our story demons are a full-fledged race that lives in Hell. Desmond’s soul burns with the hell fire, and this fire gives him not only strength but many other abilities. When you come back to earth  as an executor you are an enemy of the angels, and they will try to kill you. But both Lucifer and Gabriel have much bigger plans for Desmond than just a random fights. 

――In Devil’s Hunt Desmond have both human and demonic skills. Can players level these up and acquire new ones?

I can’t tell this right now, we still work on the details, but there will be many features which you can use in combat.

Devil's Hunt

――Desmond’s lover appeared in the trailer. Can you please introduce her and some of other characters that appear in the game?

Yes, her name is Kristen and she is very important to him and to the main story. When I wrote my novel crucial to me was to keep human side of the story, we will meet angels, demons, archangels, princesses of Hell, Gabriel even Lucifer himself, every character in the story was very close to Desmond, in a good or bad way, and each of them is there for a reason and tries to inluence him. Desmond is different person at the end of the book than when we meet him at the beginning, he evolves in that world and that’s what we are trying to present in the game.

――The battle scenes of Devil’s Hunt are impressive and wonderful! Is combo generated by combination of fast attack and heavy attack? Please tell me about the battle system.

The combos in Devil’s Hunt are the combinations of light and heavy attacks. During the progression the player unlocks more combos and more skills – they are based on three different schools. Combos serves as base attacks and skills are powerful magic-like combat activities through which the player can use his demonic (or the other gained through the game) capabilities. As Desmond is a hellish executor, he’s given also the ultimate ability – the demon form. He can transform into full fledged demon and wreck havoc on his opponents, rendering them an easy prey for his still growing powers.

――Can the player choose whether to stand on the demonic side or on the side of the angels? Also does this decision influence difficulty of the game or the abilities you can acquire

This choice is very important, but unfortunately it will not be a player choice, we talked about it for a very long time and we think that that kind of approach will be better for the story.

Devil's Hunt

――Are you planning to release the console version of Devil’s Hunt?

Yes we are planning to release Devil’s Hunt at PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One at the same time.

――You announced that Devil’s Hunt will be released in 2019. Are there plans to do a beta test?

We haven’t decided yet if wanted to do some open beta testing. Sure we want to get as much feedback from the players as possible, but we aim  more for large amount of tests in form of closed beta based on invitations.

――Are there any games that you were influenced as creators? Also, please tell me if you have a favorite Japanese game.

From the start we know where we wanted to go with our game, and how fun to play it should be. We focused on the combat system and working very hard to make it really cool! But yes of course, there are so many great games and we are trying to get as many inspiration as we can. About my favorite Japanese game, my first game I ever played on Play Station was first Devil May Cry and I loved it. I’m with the series until today, can’t wait for the Devil May Cry 5, older Dante is cool but I hope they will bring Vergil back!

――And finally, please give a message to Japanese gamers.

We hope that Devil’s Hunt will be published in Japan – stay tuned for there are lots of your personal demons (and angels) just waiting to be killed. 🙂

Layopi Games, 1C Entertainment

Devil’s Hunt Official website


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Heathen – The sons of the law Developer Interview asked about Worldview and Basic System

Heathen The sons of the law Game Developer Interview

Heathen The sons of the law asked for Worldview and Intro of Story.

This is an interview with the developer of “Heathen – The sons of the law” (English version). You can read Japanese version articles from here.(この記事は『Heathen – The sons of the law』の開発者インタビューの英語版である。日本語版の記事はこちらから読むことができる)

Heathen The sons of the law

HEATHEN is a solo story driven adventure with an immersive First Person view. The development team Frog Factory was inspired by HG.Wells’ novel “The island of Doctor Moreau”. Heathen seems to have prepared a dubious atmosphere and harsh survival. In this time, I was able to ask developers about the world view, the beginning of the story, the basic system. How do they put the human desires and fears into the game? Let’s touch it.

――We do not like “jumping scare” games, we prefer a progress of atmosphere more and more distressing.

――You introduced Heathen inspired by “The island of Doctor Moreau” and developing it. How did you get to know this novel and incorporate it into game development?

We read the novel a long time ago. we discovered a amazing world with very good concepts of H.G. Wells . Then we decided to make a game and the novel was a perfect environment for a game . The island, lost in the pacific
ocean, and the concept of the “human fabrication” with animals were good cases to develop the game.

――Does the hero of Heathen have a name? Also, what kind of person is the hero?

The hero doesn’t have a real name, but he has a project name , more scientific, that is JU7A14.
The hero was created by the professor peary, his last creation. He is a special class, smarter and more agile than other beasts of the island. He is a kind of human but with animals abilities. So when he uses these abilities, he can run faster, jump higher and can hit enemies with his retractable claws.

Heathen The sons of the law

――It is impressive that the player is fighting various creatures.  Please introduce about these creatures. Does the tribe have a name, too?

Yes there is 3 main clans:

The faceless clan: They were created to work in agricultural exploitations. To not scare these ladies, their faces were covered by white masks, which were of human aspect. After the revolt, they have assimilated this practice, and the mask has become their “true face”. They left the farms and now control the forest of the old temple. They are close to nature, .

The “Faction 12”: They are soldiers. Humans intensified their production during the year 1914 and planed to send them to the european front until they lost control of the island. They are very well trained and armed with guns, sometimes with prototype weapons.

The people of depths: this is the clan of the undergrounds, living in the deep mines. They all were designed to work in the mine, so they have very strange forms, sometimes are a mix of machines/creatures. They are close to the faction 12.

There are some isolated creatures, that are often the result of the first experiences. They have no clan, and are totally savage and out of control.

Heathen The sons of the law

――How many weapons and equipment can be equipped by the player? Also, can players put them in inventory?

For early access: 7 weapons, maps, a compass, a gas mask, a miner helmet with personal light. Beside, the player will found lot of different items to achieves quests and puzzles. All these objects are stored in a self organizing inventory.

――Is Heathen an open world game?

The world is open, but the story will drive the player. For the final game we work for a free survival mode in an open world accessible at the end of story mode.

――How many hours is assumed for the total playing time of the game?

Of course it depends how you will play the game.

Between 4 and 8 hours for a new player to achieve the story mode of the early access version of the game, in normal mode. For the final game, it should be at least twice longer.

――You will release Heathen as an early access title.  Can players clear all the stories from the beginning? Or will you gradually develop stories?

The early access will be released with 50% of story and will be updated regularly.

――I saw Heathen’s trailer. A very terrible atmosphere was drifting on the game screen. What do you care about when directing fear? Please tell me about your commitment to creating fear.

Our first goal was not to create a horror game but an anguishing adventure. We do not like “jumping scare” games, we prefer a progress of atmosphere more and more distressing.

So the player start the game on an Island. This place is very open,large, natural and sunny, sometimes charming. But this will not be like that so long, the game will become darker to the Crescent Mine: a big mining
complex with large rooms and small labyrinthic tunnels. This place is very oppressive and dark, the opposite of the island. We recommend it for claustrophobic people, to defeat fear.

Heathen The sons of the law

――Are there any games that you were influenced as creators? Also, please tell me if you have favorite Japanese games.

During years we played a lot of games and were influenced by many of them. For “Heathen” we could say that our influence games are classic fps like “Doom”, “Quake”, “Half Life”, “Metro”, “Crysis”, etc…

Hard to tell a favorite japanese game. There is a lot of excellent Japanese games but we had very good feelings with series like Final Fantasy, resident evil or dark souls.

Heathen The sons of the law Official website

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Writer: Semapho (Twitter is here)

Phantom Brigade Developer Interview What is “Phantom Brigade”? and Game System?

Phantom Brigade Developer Interview asked about huge robots and the game system.

Phantom Brigade ”The brigade never runs away even though it is inferior”.

This is the English version of interview to Phantom Brigade developer.
(この記事は『Phantom Brigade』の開発者へのインタビューの英語版である。日本語版のインタビューをお求めの方はこちらの記事まで)

Phantom Brigade

“Phantom Brigade” is a turn-based tactical RPG. Player will be the last surviving squad of mech pilots. There are robot customization, skills and abilities.
I interviewed with Brace Yourself Games of developer of this game. And I got the information to be released for the first time in the world from them.

They are troops who disobey the occupation forces’ disarmament orders and continue to fight for their homeland under the harsh conditions.

――Phantom Brigade features a huge robot. Please tell me the name of that robots. And does the enemy army also have huge robots?

They’re called Walker Platforms or WAP’s for short. They are built on a universal modular frame, that different manufacturers produce equipment for. They use them in both the public sector for construction and maintenance, as well as in the private sector for military applications. Yes, the enemy forces use combined arms, that include conventional forces such as tanks and Walker Platforms.

――I anticipate that players will fight in tough war situation. Please tell me about the introduction of the story of Phantom Brigade. What purpose does the player fight for?

The brigade’s country is invaded by a neighboring superpower and ultimately capitulates after their capitol city falls. You can see a bit of the opening situation in the trailer, which takes place during the initial days of the invasion. The Phantom Brigade is the last remaining squad that has ignored the order to disarm, and continues to fight in what appears to be an otherwise hopeless situation. They’re part of a special force that was testing prototype walkers when the war broke out. Their ultimate goal is to liberate their homeland from the occupying forces, and retake their capitol.

――Please tell me the name of the hero. Is there a character customization factor?

There’s not a set hero in the game, it’s instead focused on the story of your personal squad of characters. They all start out as recruits and will grow over the course of the campaign based on what happens to them in combat. Yes, customization of your units is a core feature of the game.

Phantom Brigade

――Is Phantom Brigade a mission-based game? And is there some submissions?

The game does not have set missions, instead you are fighting a campaign against the occupation forces. You will have to decide where and when to send the Phantom Brigade to fight, based on the resources you need at the time, and what your tactical priorities are. Do you attempt to rescue a pilot that ejected behind enemy lines? Or do you instead attack a convoy for much needed supplies and repairs? The location and situation from the campaign map will determine what the combat mission entails.

――You announced the customization elements of Robot. Is it weapons customization? Or, can players exchange the arm and leg of the robot with more good parts? Please tell me about details of customization.

We’re still working on the customization, so some of these details may change. You can currently customize all the armor segments, legs, arms, torso, etc, as well as system internals like the reactor and pilot capsule. You can also customize the paint, materials and camo patterns for each individual section of the armor and frame. You acquire new, and better equipment by salvaging disabled enemy frames after combat missions. Harder enemies will have better equipment, and you must balance destroying them quickly, or trying to disable the enemy pilot so you can get better salvage during missions.

Phantom Brigade

――Phantom Brigade’s battle is turn-based. Are there skills, abilities, special weapons etc? Please tell me the characteristics of the battle of Phantom Brigade.

Phantom Brigade is a Tactical RPG, your pilots skills and abilities will progress over the course of the game based on their actions in combat. They will become more proficient at piloting, operating their frame, and using the different categories of weapons. I suppose it depends on what you consider to be a special weapon?
There are some more exotic weapons in the game, that require both hands to hold for example, and require special handling in combat, as opposed to more traditional weapons like shotguns and rifles. The combat is prepared in turns, then plays out in realtime. Your team has a limited ability to see into the future, so you’ll be able to see what the enemy intends to do during the turn. The information isn’t perfect though, and your actions will change the outcome.
If you for example, shoot out the legs of the enemy mech while they are running, it will fall and slide into obstacles instead of completing their intended actions. A skilled player can use this to their advantage during a turn.

――How long is the total playing time for Phantom Brigade?

We don’t have exact numbers for this yet, and will have more information closer to release. The campaign is open ended, so it really depends on how much time you spend focusing solely on the campaign objectives. We should be able to provide an average completion time from playtesters before release.

――Are you planning to release the console version of Phantom Brigade?

We’re hoping to release on consoles after we finish the PC version, we’ll have more specifics on that at a later date.

――Are there any games that you were influenced as creators? Also please tell me about your favorite Japanese game.

There’s so many amazing Japanese games that’s it’s hard to pick a single one! Final Fantasy Tactics, Front Mission 3, Armored Core, and Gundam Breaker are direct inspirations for Phantom Brigade, as well as the
systemic gameplay design of Metal Gear Solid V. These are also some of my favorite Japanese games. If I had to pick one that I most enjoyed recently, it would be Nier Automata.

――Please give a message to Japanese gamers.

Thank you for your time! I hope that Phantom Brigade will live up to your expectations, please let us know what you think of the game, and if we can make any improvements.

Brace Yourself Games

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Phantom Brigade 装甲を纏いし、ロボット幻影旅団!開発者インタビュー!

Phantom Brigade 開発者インタビュー!ターンベースロボットバトルの原点とシステムに迫る。


Phantom Brigade システムや世界観に迫る、開発者インタビュー。

『Phantom Brigade』はBrace Yourself Gamesが開発中のターン制のストラテジーRPGである。本作は巨大なロボットとターンベースの戦略的な戦闘が特徴だ。ロボットアニメーションのような迫力のあるトレーラーから海外のゲーマーを中心に注目を集めている。本稿は、『Phantom Brigade』のゲームシステムや開発の原点について迫ったインタビューを掲載している。


Phantom Brigade

――『Phantom Brigade』は巨大なロボットの登場が印象的です。あのロボットに名称はありますか。また、敵側にもあのロボットはいますか。

あのロボットは「Walker Platforms(ウォーカープラットフォーム)」または、「WAP」とも呼ばれています。彼らはユニバーサルモジュラーフレーム上に構築されており、異なるメーカーが機器を製造しています。WAPは建設、保守のための公共部門と、軍事用途のための民間部門の両方で使用されています。

――私はプレイヤーが過酷な状況下で戦うという展開に期待しています。『Phantom Brigade』のストーリーの導入部について教えてください。また、プレイヤーが戦う目的について教えてください。

プレイヤーたち、Brigade(旅団)の国は隣接する大国に侵略され、ついには首都が陥落し降伏してしまいます。ティーザートレーラーは侵略の最初の日の出来事です。「Phantom Brigade」は武装解除命令を無視した最後の部隊であり、絶望的な状況下でも戦い続けることになります。彼らは戦争が起こった時にプロトタイプの「ウォーカープラットフォーム」をテストしていた特殊部隊です。そして、目的は自国を占領軍から解放し、首都を取り戻すことにあります。



――『Phantom Brigade』はミッションベースのゲームですか。また、サブミッションなどの要素はありますか。

本作にはミッションが設定されていません。プレイヤーはキャンペーン中、占領軍と戦うことになります。あなたはいつ、どこに「Phantom Brigade」を派遣するか、必要な物資や戦術的な優先事項を判断して決める必要があります。敵の前線に出てきたパイロットを救助しますか?または補給と修理のために護送船を襲撃しますか?キャンペーンマップの場所と状況によって、戦闘任務に伴うものが決まるでしょう。

Phantom Brigade



――スキルやアビリティ、特殊兵器などはありますか。『Phantom Brigade』の戦闘の特徴を教えてください。

『Phantom Brigade』はタクティカルRPGです。あなたのパイロットのスキルやアビリティは戦闘中の行動に基づき、ゲームの進行に伴って成長していきます。彼らは操縦、フレームの操作、様々な武器を使用することで熟練度が上がります。

Phantom Brigade インタビュー

――『Phantom Brigade』の総プレイ時間はどのくらいでしょうか。


――あなたたちは『Phantom Brigade』のコンソール版をリリースする予定はありますか。



一本に絞り込むのは困難なほどに日本には素晴らしいゲームがたくさんありますよ!『Phantom Brigade』に直接影響を与えたタイトルとしては、『ファイナルファンタジー タクティクス』、『フロントミッション 3』、『アーマードコア』、『ガンダムブレイカー』が挙げられますね。またシステマティックなゲームプレイデザインとしては、『メタルギアソリッド 5』ですね。これらはあくまで一部ですが、私の好きな日本のゲームです。最近、プレイした中で最も楽しかったのは『Nier Automata』ですね。


読んでくれてありがとうございます。『Phantom Brigade』があなたの期待に応えることを願います。もし、あなたがゲームについてなにを考えているのか、私たちに改善できることがあれば教えてください。

Brace Yourself Games(オフィシャルサイト

Phantom Brigade
『Phantom Brigade』の発売予定日は未定であり、続報が待たれるところだ。興味があればストアページをチェックしてみてはいかがだろう。


ライター/Semapho Twitterはこちら


Someday You’ll Return 失踪した娘を追跡し、チェコの奥深い山林に向かう父の物語

Someday You’ll Return 失踪した娘を追う、ホラーアドベンチャー。開発者へインタビュー

Someday You’ll Return 失踪した娘を捜しに、悪夢が渦巻く山林へ。

CBE Softawreはチェコに拠点を構える、ゲーム開発チームだ。経験豊富なスタッフが集う、このスタジオは現在、新たなホラーアドベンチャーを開発中だ。『Someday You’ll Return』は失踪した娘を追って、奥深い山林地帯に足を踏み入れるというホラーアドベンチャーゲームだ。舞台となるマップはチェコ共和国の美しい景色をモデルにしており、トレーラーからも、その美しさを観ることができる。ただし、アドベンチャーゲームとしては珍しく、スマートフォンでゲーム内の人物と連絡が取れるなど、一風変わったシステムが用意されている。本稿では、『Someday You’ll Return』の開発者へ行ったインタビューを行い、ユニークなゲームシステムから本作の誕生秘話まで聞くことができた。


――『Someday You’ll Return』はチェコ共和国を舞台にしたゲームですね。なぜ、チェコを舞台にしたのか理由について教えてください。また、モデルにした現実の場所はありますか。

ゲームは実際のチェコ共和国で展開しています。我々が子どもの頃にチェコ共和国で過ごしたことが理由です。『Someday You’ll Return』は意味合いを重視したゲームです。私たちの記憶と組み合わされた風土、文化、歴史について、深い知識と経験があります。このように豊かな文化にゲームを設定することは我々にとって自然なのです。そして、我々はそれに、民俗学や歴史的要素を含めることによって、物語がさらに豊かになると信じています。ゲームでは我々の環境における興味深いポイントをバーチャルマップに組み合わせており、プレイヤーはリアルなハイキングと旅行が体験できますよ。



Someday You'll Return



ステラは失踪したダニエルの娘で、家から出ていってしまいました。ダニエルは娘のスマートフォンの位置を特定しており、追跡することになります。私はこういった、彼らの関係性が決して輝かしいものではない、という説明はできていると思っています。しかし、彼らがどういった人物なのかというのは、ゲームのじゅうような ポイントの1つなので、プレイヤーのために明かしません。ダニエルは家族に問題を抱える普通の人です。離婚後、娘との距離がどんどん離れているのです。そういった過去を理解して、ゲームに繋げるのが鍵となります。



――『Someday You’ll Return』ではプレイヤーがスマートフォンで様々な人物と連絡をとることができます。私は、ホラーアドベンチャーとして非常に珍しく、間違いなく本作の特徴であると思っています。このアイディアはどのように得たのでしょうか。




Someday You'll Return Someday You'll Return

――『Someday You’ll Return』はオープンワールドゲームですか。



我々は2006年にCBE Softawreを立ち上げました。わずか2人のスタジオなので、会うのは非常に簡単ですね。現在、チェコ共和国のブルノに小規模のスタジオがあります。いつか、帰国する予定です。私たちは2人しかいないという事実にも関わらず、これまでに沢山のゲームをリリースしています。本作のような巨大なプロジェクトのゲーム開発のための経験となりましたね。

――あなたたちは『Someday You’ll Return』のコンソール版をリリースする予定はありますか。

もちろんです!我々はPS4/XBOX ONE/Windows版を発売する予定です。しかし、PS5の発売の噂があるのですが、どなたか知りませんか?現時点では磨きをかけるために、Windows版を焦点を当てています。その後、コンソールプレイヤーにも提供していくでしょう。




我々が『Someday You’ll Return』をプロジェクトを始める際に、いつも考えていたのは『サイレントヒル2』のことです。もし、あなたが『サイレントヒル2』の戦闘ではなく、我々が作り上げているようなミーニングベースのねじれた物語が好きな場合、きっと気に入ってもらえるでしょう。日本のゲーマーにも我々の風土や文化を伝えたいと思っています。というのも、我々の文化との間に絆があることを知っているからです。カール・グスタフ・ユングを敬愛しているゲーマーは、本作の中にお馴染みの課題を見つけることができるでしょう。

Someday You'll Return

CBE Softawre オフィシャルサイト


ライター/Semapho Twitterはこちら